What I Wear: Western+Red Leather

In recent years, western wear has made it into mainstream fashion once again. You’ll see major “high fashion” designers incorporating western inspired elements into their collections everywhere you look. And I think this speaks to the nostalgia inspired by western looks, and the timelessness of western details like embroidery, turquoise jewelry, and of course FRINGE. But if you don’t wanna spend hundreds or thousands on western inspired pieces by the likes of Isabel Marant, Saint Laurent, or Roberto Cavalli, I suggest you check out Free People (a perennial favorite) and Australian brand Spell and The Gypsy Collective. If nothing else, follow Spell on instagram for inspo on how to bring festival wear into your wardrobe all year long….

The vintage inspired denim romper I’m wearing in this post is from Spell’s “Cactus Rose” Campain from last year.

The rope tie belt keeps it from being too boyish, and gives me a waist.


This is my “you’re really gonna take up two parking spaces at the grocery store with your crazy souped up truck?!” face. I will cut you. (J/K)

Notice the pocket embroidery(!!), and grommets on the waistline. (And that’s my mom’s vintage turquoise ring.)

This leather jacket, y’all. It’s is the perfect example of why sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on something that’s really special, and of excellent quality that you can be wearing for years. (Instead of buying a bunch of smaller pieces of lesser quality, that just wind up collecting dust in your closet.) I got this jacket in the spring of 2012 at my very first photoshoot for the record label. In fact…it even made it on to my first single artwork (for Sorry On The Rocks.) It is so soft, I can literally sleep in it on a long plane ride.  A major statement piece like this is a really easy way to look pulled together, even when you’re just wearing a tee-shirt and jeans. When I’m traveling, I try to not wear workout clothes or sweats to the airport (even though it’s SOOO tempting) in case we’re running late and have to go straight to a meet & greet or radio event when we land.

How great is this embroidery. Cactus! (Did you know both “Cacti” and “Cactuses” are correct for the plural of “Cactus”?) Grammarist to the rescue!

Booty threads. And I love the details on this jacket…like the sleeve zippers.

When you’re choosing a leather jacket, keep in mind that you want to be able to layer it over different weights of clothing, from a tank top, to a light sweater…so make sure it’s roomy enough that you have options.

These ankle boots are Old Gringo. A quintessential boot brand for all country lovers. The studs make them feel edgey…you don’t want all the western details to be too literal, or it can look costumey.



OTHER ROMPERS I JUST HAPPEN TO LOVE (for fall you can style these with tights):


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