What I Wear: Lace It Up

This trend is EVERYWHERE. You cannot get away from lace-up tops this fall…but the basic concept of them begs the question–what do you do about a bra? I’m afraid, ladies, you’re not gonna love the answer–unless maybe you’re a total hippie free spirit (in which case, teach me your ways so I can chill out!!)

So the options are a) no bra! or b) one of those deep-v bra contraptions that I only own because I’ve had to walk a red carpet or two. 🙂

While I do think this trend will work on almost anybody, it’s particularly great on my small chested gals. Hurray! Finally! B-cups unite!

Side note: thanks to Beth Acrement for the cool peekaboo braids!

What I do really like about the lace-up is it’s sexy, but it’s not too too provocative. And at least with this particular top (which is from Free People) it’s also a really casual look, which I love.

Vintage (80s) bag ! Thanks mom.

Scraggle hair!  Sorry! It happens to the best of us….just keep your eyes focused on the great hat.


How I love a hat.

Dear Hats,

please stay in vogue forever.


the whole world.

This is one of my absolute favorite pair of jeans. They’re a distressed flare, but not a HUGE flare, so they’re really wearable.

If you know me you know I’m obsessed with cheapy costume jewelry. These are three butterfly rings (from Forever 21) stacked together.

Photos by Carley Dean, and Beth Acrement of The Sovereign Society.

Here are some suggestions if you wanna try this look…

Lace up tops:

Flare jeans:


and…because I promise to share ALL my secrets with you (bestie readers!)…the deep-V bra that has saved me many a wardrobe malfunction! xx

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