Vegas Ready.

wake me whenwebI don’t normally spend that much time lounging by the pool, but I thought this was a hilarious spot to shoot this look, because it’s just so over the top. AND we just  just landed in Las Vegas, so it seemed fitting. I thought I’d bring you a playful fashion look appropriate for the fun and festivities of Vegas. This *may* be what I end up wearing on stage for the ACM Party For A Cause. I play on Friday at 3:30pm, and you can still get tix here. This show benefits the charitable arm of the Academy of Country Music: ACM Lifting Lives.

Party For A Cause

Now, this is kind of a cheeky graphic tee but I thought it was pretty funny and playful AND IT’S $10!  A funky graphic tee is a good way to keep these high waisted shorts from looking too “cruise line entertainment.”


How great are these earrings!?! They’re currently sold out, but these are amazing and at $25  they’re a lot of bang for the buck.


This bag is my new go-to—I actually used it as my carry on today. You can carry it by the handles, or wear it like a funky little backpack, and I think the color is great. It’s a dusty dark blue, so it’s kind of neutral in the way that denim is neutral. The shades are cheapies—I get a lot of sunnies from Forever 21 because they’re usually under $10, and I don’t have to get too stressed if they get left on a plane or at a show. Also, at a $5-$10 range I don’t feel bad about playing with wilder, trendier styles.IMG_1028webNow to the sparkle boots, I get SO many comments on these boots when I wear them on stage. SO. Many. Comments. So I’ve listed some options for you here and I’m freaking out over these with the stars. BUT, I think it’s probably very possible to MAKE these. I’m toying with the idea of dipping an old pair of boots in glue and rolling them in some large glitter. I found a great tutorial here. If you end up trying this, please let me know how they turn out!

That’s all! Hope to see you in Vegas! Xx

Details on this look and some options here:


Photos by my girl Whitney from the Blonde Atlas.

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