This Nashville Life: Cocktail Hour 3.2.17

Welcome to the second edition of Cocktail Hour! This week we’re hanging out with the guys from Whiskey Riff.

(Yes, I did put heart eyes on my face….because I was looked like a hot mess that day and I’m trying to cover up for it, and because I {heart} these guys.)

First things first. We’re drinking whiskey (duh…WHISKEY Riff).  Knob Creek on the rocks (not an ad)  until we ran out….in vintage Jack Daniels tumblers.

So who are these guys who have turned the business of country music news upside down? And how do they come up with the *perfect* country music merch?

I think it’s really all about their personalities. Being themselves, and “riffing” on whatever they find interesting. And they’re passionate. Here’s a recent article on the ongoing topic of what is/isn’t country music:

There’s No Definition Of “Country,” So Shut The F*** Up.

Remember our podcast episode on that topic featuring Shane McAnally? Listen here.

Here’s this week’s  #cocktailhour playlist. (Same as last week, I don’t know why Rainy Night in GA is on there.  It’s not actually on the “playlist” but when I embed the code it’s in there. Ray is persistent.

Also, the guys are coming out with a podcast themselves in the near future…it’s gonna be called “Whiskey Riffraff” (how I love a pun) and we’ll be sure to share it with y’all as soon as it’s out.

Have anything to contribute to the convo? Leave a comment or tweet us: @kelleighbannen @whiskeyriff.

Thanks for listening!



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