It’s hot here. It’s October 8th and it’s hot…86 degrees to be exact, and I LOVE it. I practically wrote an ode to warm weather in last week’s post, so let’s just say I’m not complaining that summer seems to have reappeared for the moment.

So…if you live somewhere that’s warm in the fall…do you have to miss out on all the fun fall fashion trends? Absolutely not! I’m gonna show you how I styled a sleeveless blazer (a look which is  EVERYWHERE right now) for warm temperatures. [Fashion deets at the bottom of the post]

I’m not waiting around wishing for cooler weather, but I have spent the last several weeks waiting on some other news, and it got me thinking about waiting.

What is it about waiting, and what is it about “the next thing.” As I think about my hurry, I wonder if it’s telling me something about what i believe about the world, myself, even God. Why am I so anxious for the next move? I always feel like I’m running out of time. Do you ever feel that way? Like you’re behind, and everyone else is ahead of you and you’ll never catch up? It’s as if I think my life will “really start” as soon as this thing or that thing happens. So until then….what? Is my life just on hold?

No, I don’t believe it really is, but I at times I act like I believe that. So What are you waiting for? (Think about the “what”). Is it worth it, is it something that matters deeply to you? What are you waiting for? (think about the “waiting”). Do you need to be waiting for something external before you can move? If not, then make your move. A scary jump rarely gets less scary with time.

But whether now is the time to act or not, I want to challenge myself, and you, to look at what you really think you’ll get with the “next thing.” How will your life really be different or better?

What changes when we get what we want? Really…what changes? We’re still us, and my guess is if I can’t be content right now where I am, no amount of success, or acclaim, an certainly not money is going to make me content. That’s a lie. The voice in your head that tells you “if you only had (fill in the black)…” you’d be happy. No, I’m not gonna let that kind of thinking ruin my right now. And I hope you wont let it ruin yours either.

But there’s a tension in believing that the best is yet to come (and being willing to wait for the best) and  knowing that you must  move forward as you wait. maybe we have to hold both things in our hand simultaneously.

So right now, I’m gonna soak up this Indian summer, and wait. I’m going to work and dream and press forward while I wait.

Details on the LOOK. The sleeveless blazer. The shorts. The top. The clutch (old) but here’s a cool one. The cuff (similar). The booties (old) similar here. And these are cool.

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