SXSW Rewind

First official SXSW and we packed a  heck of a LOT into a couple days.

Here’s a recap (sorry it’s gonna make you go to youtube to watch it) we’ll still be here and ready to hang when you get back. ?

Austin, and SXSW in particular is a place where you can really play with fashion, so I wanted to let you in on my stage looks for the festival.

Performance Look 1:

I’m completely obsessed with these fringe suede shorts. Crazy flattering to legs, and a little flirty. Upwards of 10 people stopped me on the street to ask where they were from. Also, there’s just something about fringe is that says “I’m here to have a great time so let’s hang out and not be judgey.”

Bodysuit for the win/win.

Performance Look 2:

this is my “bourbon means business” face.

Live podcast taping outfit: because HELLO red shorts.

Our guest was Meryl Johnson of the CMA. Listen here.

(wine not included)


  • Goorin Bros Show acoustic show. Because who doesn’t like to sing surrounded by the coolest hats ever. And hats and Texas go together.
  • The Spotify party which I dished on in THIS episode of the podcast.
  • Pandora’s incredible tech set up. (Pictured below with my marketing team from Marbaloo)
  • My official Sensu performance at Old School Bar & Grill
  • Our LIVE podcast taping featuring Meryl Johnson of the CMA
  • FIXE (easily the best biscuit I’ve ever had–great dinner too)

Thank you to @Natalie_Rhea (insta) for filming and shooting us during SXSW. Check her out here.

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