[S2 Ep2] Perspiration, not inspiration

Something about my conversation with ThiS Music’s Rusty Gaston makes me think about this clip from Pretty Woman. Not because this guy reminds me of Rusty, but because this guy is asking THE question. And even at a pretty young age, Rusty knew the answer.

THiS Music is the publishing home of Ben Hayslip, Connie Harrington, Marv Green, Tim Nichols, Jimmy Yeary, Jessi Alexander, Emily Weisband….the list goes on. And Rusty will share some great specific stories about some of these great writers. But what is even better than the clout of his roster, is the passion he has for helping songwriters achieve at the highest level. It’s intense. And it’s pretty damn inspiring.

This is him.

This is me.

But in all honesty, this man might be the most quotable person in Nashville. And sadly, since we try to keep our episodes short, we have to cut out a bunch of the interview even when it’s outstanding. Here was one quote I was particularly sad to lose from the episode:

“The artists in this town desperately needs the best song written in Nashville today. Not the best song they can write today.” 

Mic Drop. But seriously, if this is what was left on the cutting room floor, aren’t you dying to listen?!

I think this episode will fire you up–whatever field you’re in–and of course, we wanna hear your thoughts on it, so leave us a comment!

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