Romper Love

What do you wear to that festival you’ve been planning on going to all winter?

What do you wear for a night out on the town with the girls?

What do you wear out to drinks with that tinder crush you’ve been txting all week?

What do you wear for a warm weather backyard BBQ?

What do you wear on stage performing with CARRIE UNDERWOOD?




You don’t have to find a matching top and bottom that work. It’s done all the hard work for you.


You pretty much gotta take it all off to use the bathroom while you’re out on the town. And there’s just no easy way in and out.

While we were on the plane heading out to Vegas for the ACMs we got an email from Carrie’s manager saying she’d like to invite all the ladies performing at Party For A Cause to join her onstage for “Before He Cheats.” I don’t know what else to say about it other than I just felt that it was a really cool, really gracious move on Carrie’s part.

Here’s the bottom line ladies–and it doesn’t matter what field you work in–other women are not your enemy. They are not the competition. Neither are the gentleman for that matter. You are your competition, and the sooner you figure out what it is that you do that no one else can do the way you do it, the freer you’ll be to support others. You won’t feel threatened by every little success of your peers. You’ll be able to celebrate them. You know what they say about comparison being the thief of joy? Well that’s true, and so is envy. And don’t get me wrong, it’s sometimes really hard to see someone have success more quickly than I’m having it. But every minute you waste on envy or comparison is a minute you’re taking from yourself and the story that’s being written in your life. Your story is yours and no one else’s; please don’t waste it wishing you had someone else’s story.  (Learned this lesson the hard way.)

I had an absolute blast playing the ACM Party For A Cause and can’t thank Carrie enough for bringing us girls (me, Jana Kramer, Lauren Alaina, Kellie Pickler) out for “Before He Cheats.” If you missed it—video below (Taken by Jencita.)

Here’s how I styled my look:


Have you jumped on the romper train yet? Suggestions and some of my favorites here:

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