Podcast Season 2 with BMI’s Jody Williams

We called this episode “Money Honey.” We could have called it the “Initials Episode,” because we interviewed Jody Williams of BMI (Which is a P.R.O., but is not ASCAP or SESAC … confused? And we haven’t even started talking about copyrights yet).

In this episode, Jody will do a little unpacking on how writers and publishers get paid their royalties. I also ask Jody the question, “What does a #1 country song make?”(money wise). Because I know I’m not the only one who’s doing the math in my head when a friend scores another No. 1 single.

And perhaps the very BEST thing about this interview is just how Nashville it is. The stories he shares are just so quintessentially Nashville. Local magazine The Nashville Scene does a yearly piece called “You’re so Nashville if….” and people fill in the blanks with local humor, and Nashville tropes, but this year my answer is Jody Williams. He’s a born and raised Nashvillian who embodies both the best optimism for Nashville’s creative process, and the most realistic perspective on how hard you have to work to get there. From working with Charlie Daniels (right before “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”) to signing Liz Rose to her first publishing deal (Rose was writing with a young artist who had just been dropped from her development deal — ahem — Taylor Swift) Jody really has seen it all, and has such an incredible perspective on this town, and this music community.

AND, a reminder that we now have a VOICEMAIL so you can call and leave us a message. Number is 629-777-6401. We just might use you on the air.

Lastly, next week marks our first “Cocktail Hour” episode, which is like the sexier, boozier, and far less polished younger sister of our regular podcast.

Whew!  Listen here:

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