On Beauty in the Music Biz

As women, we’re under a lot of scrutiny for our appearance. In my career, I often feel like I’m under a microscope, but I want to speak openly and honestly about it.IMG_1641

My goal in sharing beauty tips and tricks is not to “should” anybody into feeling like they need to try them. It’s mostly to demystify what often appears to be an unrealistic ideal of beauty, thinness, and marketability. And to give you a “what’s it really like” perspective on beauty in the entertainment world. Bottom line…I want the average American gal to know that if she had the glam squads we have (not to mention the ones most actresses/models have) she’d look as famous as the average “a-list” celeb.

It’s an unattainable ideal, but it is part of the business. The way I navigate it is to try to not loose myself in it, to know who I am and who I am NOT, and to set clear expectations of what I’m willing and NOT WILLING to do. And to be honest…sometimes the glam stuff is REALLY fun. That’s the other reason I’m sharing tips and tricks with you…because fashion and beauty can be a really fun way to express ourselves if we don’t make it the source of our worth. It’s just another way to play with your femininity, and experiment with the unique power that you have as a woman.

Taku's like..."I'm about to go fix that hair that's out of place."

Taku’s like…”I’m about to go fix that hair that’s out of place.”

On this particular shoot I was working with four of my absolute favorites in the glam world. Lena Koro was on makeup. Lena has been a part of the Nars makeup world for many years. Hair genius Taku Sugawara was in charge of my locks. Worship him! (Side note, when I met with Taku the day before the shoot he came into my hotel room with a comb in his front shirt pocket and immediately pulled it out to start analyzing the curl situation.) The photographer on this shoot was the incredible Carlos Ruiz (he shot the single covers for FamousSmoke When I Drink, and You Are What You Love.) And this shoot was styled by my (relative) long time stylist Lee Moore. Lee has had so much influence on my style on and off stage over the last four years. He is a complete badass, and also works with some of country music’s best dressed men like Luke Bryan, and Sam Hunt.

One last aside, if you have ever felt the pressure (perhaps self-induced) to look, act, be PERFECT, I highly recommend Brene Brown’s book The Gifts Of Imperfection.

What do you think? I want to hear your thoughts on beauty in the entertainment biz. What pressures do you face even if your career doesn’t put you in the public spotlight? Much love, and keep heart! XO

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