Netflix and Chill…For Sunglasses?

I recently discovered the coolest subscription service for fashion lovers–it’s called Endless Eyewear by Ditto. I think this tweet pretty much sums it up:


That’s right, fashionistas….NETFLIX FOR YO FACE. ?  You literally have access to hundreds of designer shades and you can switch out as often as you like. I started using the service in December, and just switched out to a new pair of  mirrored Ray-Bans and I am  SMITTEN. [Oh…and menfolk, I don’t want you to think I’m leaving you out; they have tons frames for dudes too!]

Another cool thing is if you decide you can’t live without your new pair, you can actually purchase them at 15% off the retail price. And the most FUN part is Ditto is giving you guys one month free trial if you use my discount code: THISNASHVILLELIFE.

Here are just a *few* of the frames that are currently available:

This is the way the  Ditto team explains the concept on their website, and I think this is the clearest way to lay it out…especially since my mom still doesn’t understand how Netflix works. You can click through to read all about it here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 9.17.33 AMWhich one would you guys pick? Let me know in the comments section! For now Imma just Ditto and chill…

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