“Nashville” Recap: Season 4, Ep 3



So…I guess we found out why the Nashville stylists were shopping for funeral clothes at the Green Hills Nordstrom. Since this week was so much about Scarlett and the decision to take her mom off life support, there wasn’t a TON of music biz stuff (right or wrong) in this episode.

But here are a couple:

What They Got Right:

racingIndy 500. Sometimes you will have a day off in the middle of a tour and it doesn’t make sense to go home (either financially or travel-time wise).  I feel like this racing scene (though I know virtual nothing about race cars, or the Indy 500) doesn’t actually feel that far fetched. Artists that have a lot of disposable $$ or that have influential, famous friends in other industries often get to try out cool stuff that’s famous in whatever city they’re touring in.

Also, tour days are awesome but they can get monotonous…so you’re always looking for stuff to do during your day.  A couple years ago small remote planes were all the rage on the summer tours. Watch Luke B fly his plane around the amphitheater here…I think they went through a lot of planes that year 🙂

Some artists bring a jeep or an extra car or motorcycle on one of the tour semitrucks or tow a vehicle behind their tour bus.  Tim McGraw  even has a gym that travels with him in one of his semis.


1)The bar cover-band scene that Juliette takes Luke to when it’s her turn to show him, “what’s your idea of the perfect day off” actually seems WAY less likely than the race car scene. And two artists of that level would never just be alone hanging out in a city without their teams. I’m not saying they wouldn’t hang out together, I’m just saying the way they depict the two of them just roaming around without a bunch of their team—management—whoever, just seems super unlikely.

mic no pop filter

2) Recording vocals without a pop filter. This is nit-picky…but that’s why you’re here, right?! Early in the episode, when Maddie is singing at the studio at her school, she’s singing into a vocal mic without a pop filter…which would just never happen in any legitimate vocal set-up. I asked my producer what mic they were using and he thinks it’s a Manley, but in any event, it’s an expensive looking condenser mic. But you would never use one without a pop filter!! Pop filters don’t look great on TV, but they are totally necessary for getting a usable vocal. Essentially, its a piece (or several pieces) of semi-transparent material—like nylon, stretched over a circular form which protects the mic from the harsh popping sounds that come from the air the singer is pushing out while they’re singing.  (Thanks wikipedia.) It’s especially important for loud consonant sounds like “p’s”. And they look like this:



One final aside: ‘How Can I Help You Say Goodbye’ was the title of this episode—do y’all know that song!? I was kinda sad they didn’t play it anywhere in the episode.  Since I feel like it’s my duty to share great classic country with you…voila. A song every country fan should know, by the incomparable Patty Loveless. Much love until next week…. I’d hand you a box of tissues if I could. Xox

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