“Nashville” Recap: Season 4, Ep 11



The majority of this week’s episode centered around the long awaited wedding of Rayna and Deacon. So it was really much more about the wedding than it was about anything “Nashville” or music business related.

What They Got Right:

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1)Will is reluctant to go to the wedding because he doesn’t want to be asked a bunch of questions about his career by other industry insiders. Will’s going through a tough season in his artist career and his writing isn’t going well either–he thinks his publisher wants to drop him. (This technically wouldn’t happen until his publishing contract was up–you usually sign for a term of several years, but we’ll give it a pass for now.) But he is completely right that at these kind of events you’re gonna hear a lot of:  How’s the single going? So what are you doing now? Are you working on a new project? When’s your album coming out?

This is an industry that’s kind of obsessed with itself. It’s somewhat understandable–you get a bunch of people that are all passionate about the same thing and put them in a room together, and they’re gonna wanna talk about that one thing–I would think this would happen in any industry when a bunch of people are gathered together. But this town is small and it loves to talk. I think his reluctance is something a lot of people felt when they’re not in a season of success. It’s hard to show up somewhere and be asked the same question over and over, when you don’t like the answer you have to give.

2) Phones being confiscated at Rayna + Deacon’s wedding. I haven’t been at an event where this has happened, but I have heard of it happening at super private parties before. So—it’s not very common but not out of the realm of possibilities.

Well Kinda….

1) Paparazzi at the back door of the Bluebird Cafe.Thankfully, Nashville is not overrun with paparazzi. There are cameras at red carpet events, or big press events– yes– but there really aren’t any paparazzi waiting outside restaurants to photograph the stars.Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.27.03 PM

However, for more than 20 years—or as long as I can remember—there have been bus “tours” that drive tourists past the homes of famous people. When I was kid, we lived in a neighborhood very near the Governor’s mansion, and Sarah Cannon—most known for being the beloved Minnie Pearl on Hee Haw— lived a couple streets over as well. The buses would drive up and down our street, maybe 3-4 times a week, and my brother and I would wave to the tourists from our bikes while playing on our driveway. These tours still exist, but to me they are far far less invasive than paparazzi would be if they took up residence in Nashville.

Now, what is FAR more likely than paparazzi, is the possibility that fans may be waiting outside of a venue or restaurant to snap a photo. This doesn’t happen very much, but if fans know an artist might be somewhere, they might be camped outside waiting to snap a photo or asking for an autograph or selfie. But for now, we’re safe from the paparazzi.


2 Comments on “Nashville” Recap: Season 4, Ep 11

  1. Kitty G. Conrad
    March 22, 2016 at 4:41 pm (2 years ago)

    Kelleigh: come out to my parents’ farm, green door gourmet to see where the river and barn shots were done…more importantly, I’d love to take This Nashville Life on a tour of where to buy veggies so you glow!

    • Kelleigh
      March 23, 2016 at 9:15 am (2 years ago)

      WHAT? Girl! I didn’t know that’s where it was filmed. We should absolutely do that, and cover the produce too! Do you still have my number?


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