Magic Wands : Curling Wand Review+Tips


Today I teamed up with the girl behind PrettyHairNashville, Emily Kempf–who’s also responsible for my own locks–to demystify the “3-in-1” wand sets that are everywhere right now. Wands have been the go-to for simple curl styling for several years, but now it seems like everyone is coming out with these interchangeable sets (from T3 to Amika)– and Paul Mitchell just released a second one–so we decided to put them to the test.

Meet Emily:

I think we should have her around here more often…what do you guys think?


Emily, who’s based at Fresh Salon in Nashville, has been a stylist for 8 years, however her passion for all things “pretty” started at a very young age. The award winning beauty guru claims “‘I’ve always been a beauty junkie, I used to mix up beauty potions in my mom’s bathroom when I was little!” Emily is well know around Nashville for her soft and gorgeous haircolor. She balayges to create the perfect beachy blondes, chocolatey sombre and perfect coppers.  Featured in American Salon magazine, she is even more sought out for her famous hair extension applications! Here is some advice from Emily on finding your own magic with a wand:


Tricks of the Trade for Wand Newbies

  • Adjust the temperature according to your hair type and skill set–meaning set the temperate really low when you are getting the hang of wrapping the hair…After that use 325 degrees for fine hair and up to 400 for coarser hair.
  • Use a clip for sectioning–smaller sections are easier to control
  • Always point the wand down and wrap hair back away from your face
  • Switch hands! I hold the wand in my right hand for my left side and with the left hand on the right side. Trust me it makes things so much easier!
  • Don’t worry about getting the ends wrapped on- you”ll just burn yourself
  • Shake it out- Flip your head upside down and brush out the curls with your fingers to make the wave look effortless


We started w/ Paul Mitchell’s EXPRESS ION UNCLIPPED 3-IN-1 which includes:

  • 1″ styling rod for loose waves
  • 1.25″ styling cone for natural-looking curls
  • .75″ small styling cone for ringlets


And to be honest, we knew we didn’t want to use the smallest wand because super tight ringlets just aren’t our thing…. So we moved onto the 1″ wand.

Now onto the 1.25″ “styling cone” (I call this a tapered wand):

Now we move on to the new Paul Mitchell: Limited Edition EXPRESS ION UNCLIPPED 3-IN-1

This set contains:

  • 1.5″ styling rod for loose waves
  • 1.25″  reverse styling cone
  • the “bubble” wand

So, we’ll start with the 1.5″ wand.

Now the 1.25″  reverse styling cone:


OK, Let’s see what this BUBBLE is all about:

OK, so that’s the round up. I could go into which ones I love and which ones I don’t, as well as which do, and don’t work brushed out…but I really do think the photos speak for themselves. Let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments. And go follow Emily on insta: @prettyhairnashville.

Sorry for the poor color correction on the hair shots…I’m an AMATEUR. But the pro photos of me and Em were taken by the incredibly talented Alex Ferrari (@alexmferrari on insta.) XO


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