#WhatIWear: Low Key Holiday Look

This is the perfect look for a causal  December cocktail with girlfriends, or any party that’s not a real dress up party. Also, I come from a family wear we “dressed” for dinner during special occaisions. That means we would actually dress up—for a sit-down family dinner during the holidays. So, I love a look like this for Christmas Eve, or Christmas dinner because it’s comfortable, but looks pulled together, and festive, but it’s a little dressier than I would normally be.

Also, and this is the REAL reason I love a LOW KEY holiday look—I hate feeling like I’m trying too hard. Nothing makes me feel less confident, or less pulled together than the feeling that I tried way too hard…and this is true whether I’m dressing for a night out,  an awards show, or a performance…it just never feels good to look over the top. Be easy breezy.

NOW this photo is not exactly “easy breezy” I think the photographer said, “lean forward like you’re a model” Haha. Ha.

Ways to make it feel festive:

  • Do a dressy, sexy top in black or cream (or some other neutral) plus jeans or black pants and then spice up the accessories.
  • Wear those KILLER shoes that you thought you’d wear all the time, but in your regular life you never actually pull out.
  • Grab a red handbag and let that be your statement.
  • Do something different with your hair. If you ALWAYS wear it down, then put it up…like I did in this post (a low messy bun.) Or tease the crown of your head and do a high rock & roll ponytail.

Close up of the bag. I borrowed this one from my mom ( who has a real thing for bags…). I’ve included some really great RED bags at ALL price points…from Target get to Nordstrom at the bottom of the page.

Bigger shot of my messy bun styled by Beth Accruement (@iicequenie on insta)

And a leather jacket keeps everything cool, and edgey. See some of my fave jackets at the bottom of this post, including an incredible faux leather option at a really great price.

I really like this sheer top trend. It’s a way to be all covered up, (I mean this one even has a bow-tie at the neck) but still have a little flirty factor. If you’re feeling modest, just wear a pretty/ lacy cami underneath. If you wanna be a little more daring, just wear a great black bra. This top is great because it’s not SO sheer that you feel overly revealing.

Now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good deal on shoes, so I got these at a local designer liquidator—you can actually find them on Ebay here.

But–I also picked out some *TO DIE FOR* heels as alternatives…at the bottom of the post.

I chose a high waisted distressed jean because it made the overall look feel a little more carefree…”Oh this, I just threw it on…” I’ve listed some of my favorite jeans below.

Have any questions? Write me in the comments, or share your Low Key Holiday looks w/ me using the hashtag #LowKeyKB on insta…I’ll reshare my faves. Xx

Special thanks to Beth ( @iicequeenie on insta) and Carley (@carleydean on insta) of the @thesovereignsociety– who did all the photos for this piece and even gave me this great messy bun.

3 Comments on #WhatIWear: Low Key Holiday Look

  1. Mike Stewart
    December 13, 2015 at 11:53 pm (2 years ago)

    Kelleigh, I just can’t understand the fascination of torn jeans. You look great in everything your wearing, but the torn jeans are a bit of a turn off. A distressed / faded jean without tears looks so much sexier. Just an old guy’s opinion.

    Peace and hugs from PA!

    • Kelleigh
      December 14, 2015 at 2:06 pm (2 years ago)

      haha, I get you! It’s just a trend. I think it’s fun but I totally get what you’re saying. Nothing’s better than just a nice clean pair of jeans.
      Have a good day!

  2. Kevin Kind Songs
    December 14, 2015 at 4:26 pm (2 years ago)

    Very nice look, elegant and relaxed….you do have a good eye and style.


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