Live at SXSW

Welcome to our first ever LIVE episode coming at ya from SXSW featuring Meryl Johnson of the CMA (Country Music Association.)

Meryl gives us a little background on the CMA and how it started, and then we’ll dive right into topics likeTHE AWARDS.  Specifically we’ll talk about “Forever Country” and how the song and video came together– cause it’s no small thing to bring 50+ artists together to perform on one song. Watch here:

We’ll also talk CMAfest. Meryl says of music festivals, “I think they’re probably the best thing that can happen to music, and connecting fans to music.” Preach.

Annnnnndd she’ll give us some cool digital insights about VR and 360, as well as explaining to me the difference between a Snapchat filter and a “lens.” (Hashtag I’m in my 30s and feel like I’m cutting edge because I even use snapchat.)

Huge thanks to Meryl. Please go follow the CMA the CMA @CMA on Insta. @countrymusic on Twitter.



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