Leopard Redux


Me and Shania have never met a leopard we didn’t like. But the animal print trend has been back in full force for several years now, and I’m feeling like we need a little remix. This fall, I’m looking for ways to wear leopard that’s a little unpredictable. A couple years ago I bought a winter coat inspired by this photo of Kate Moss. And while I still love it, it’s fun to wear a little leopard in a less obvious way.23130e40b3e6ff87b6c756306c6fa0bf





BTW, please don’t search “Kate Moss” + “Leopard” on pinterest or you will be sucked into the bottomless pit of fabulous that is images like this (from Vogue UK):


and like this… (also Vogue UK)


intervention needed!


Anyway, this fall I’m looking for a leopard REDUX. Like letting it be a flashy accessory in stead of the main event. Or wearing it as the main statement, but with an updated silhouette. Or even “snow leopard” to go with a cooler B&W feel. Here’s a look from yesterday’s #WhatIWear post where I’ve styled a loose leopard short under a sleeveless blazer (menswear is a huge trend this fall). The leopard is still making a statement, but it’s taking a backseat to the more sedate menswear inspired blazer. [In colder weather just wear something long sleeve under the blazer.]

Here are some options for a leopard remix…..

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