Hear This! January Playlist.

Well hello there JANUARY! How the hell did you get here so fast?

Here’s a little of what I’m listening to this month:

Y’all know at this point that I love the Brothers Osborne. We got signed to EMI about the same time and it has taken them a minute to connect at country radio as well, so I just feel a vested interest in them succeeding. I’m truly looking forward to this album (it comes out 1/15)  and believe these guys are capable of GREAT things.  AND 6/8 is my default time signature as a singer so I had to include ‘Loving Me Back’ (which has the marvelous Lee Ann Womack on it. Lee Ann is a truly gorgeous person, but this was the FIRST image that popped up on google of her, and I just had to included it because this is how I always feel on the inside on the red carpet. I FEEL YOU LEE ANN.



Brett Eldredge: Drunk On Your Love. Ok, this song is just SOOOO hooky. It doesn’t have some huge message, or a heady lyric…I get it….but what’s not to love?! It just feels GREAT. And his singing just gets better and better. {Here’s me and Brett singing with Luke when we opened for him in Tampa (I think.)}


Anderson East. OK, so if you guys aren’t living under a rock, you know why I included him on this list…I guess it’s actually kinda sad to me, that sometimes it takes a huge media story about someone’s personal life (Miranda Lambert) to introduce us to great music. But at the same time, I’m glad that good music is getting heard…whatever the path. I’m also hopeful that the definition of country is expanding a little bit through these kind of associations. Anderson is soulful, and not overly slick production-wise. Very believable vocals. I think you’ll like him.

I’ve included Grace Potter on a couple playlists this fall–I really loved her whole album Midnight–she sings her ass off and the production is throw-backy but fresh. “Your Girl” is what is on this month’s playlist…mostly just because I’ve never heard a song from this perspective before–a woman singing about how much she likes her love interest’s girlfriend. And the bridge on this song slays me–it’s just all dreamy and sexy in a way that Grace doesn’t usually do.

TWENTY ONE PILOT’S ‘Tear In My Heart” I was a little late to the party on this one, but the album is GREAT. And lyrically it’s very stream of consciousness, detailed, and different from anything else I’ve heard in a while. I actually also kind of geeked out of the “Spotify Sessions” commentary  with lead singer Tyler Joseph. He’s just very believable. His answers aren’t canned, and he’s an unusual dude, but I found myself really intrigued.

Aubrie Sellers, “Light of Day.” Aubrie is Lee Ann Womack’s daughter (who’s excited that there are TWO Lee Ann references this month?!) And it sounds like it. In the best way. And this project was mixed by my producer, Jason Lehning. I’ve heard a couple of the other tracks too, her singing just seems really outstanding and unstudied.

Those are the highlights! What do you want me to listen to for next month’s playlist? Tell me in the comments. XO

2 Comments on Hear This! January Playlist.

  1. Matthew Smith
    January 5, 2016 at 8:27 pm (2 years ago)

    Sammy Hagar – “I can’t drive 55”

  2. Matthew Smith
    January 5, 2016 at 8:31 pm (2 years ago)

    The Bangles – “Eternal Flame”


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