Ep 8: Nicolle Galyon Part 1


This week on This Nashville Life: Nicolle Galyon.

The badddddest instagram comment writer you’ve ever met, and yeah…..grammy nominated songwriter.

We’re breaking Nicolle’s interview into two parts. The first (up now) is about the PROCESS. How Nicolle really came into her own as a writer. Her time on NBC’s The Voice. Her unfair advantage. And being inspired by “a word.”

Part two of the episode focuses on The Songs (Miranda Lambert’s Automatic, Keith Urban’s We Were Us, a song I hope to share with you very soon called Church Clothes) and it will air on Dec 15.

Check out some of Nicolle’s music on Spotify here.

Check out my piece for Taste Of Country here.

And here’s part one of my interview with Nicolle.

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