Crash My Playa

What’s better than Mexico in January? Mexico in January with Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, Blake Shelton (and ahem Gwen Stefani–who is even lovelier in person than she is from afar….how is that even possible?!)

I got a LOT of comments on my stage attire from these shows, so I thought I’d bring you some BTS, and some of the fashion details from this year’s Crash My Playa.

A personal highlight for me was getting to just sit around with other musicians and artists trading songs, and making music together. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure in this digital age to operate under the “pics or it didn’t happen” mantra, but it was really special for me to have time with friends that was truly just ours, and not for the purpose of being shared on social media. Maybe that sounds kind of hypocritical cause I’m talking about it here–but I’m talking about it here to encourage you to take some time for yourself–time that is private. I promise the moment can be just as meaningful if nobody on Facebook sees it. Sometimes it’s just your own precious memories that you’re making.  ?

OK, on to the glammy stuff…the wind on the stage at Playa is always wild, because it’s literally next to the ocean. So I did a big teased ponytail to *try* to keep my hair out of my face…

VINTAGE LEATHER SHORTS Y’ALL. I worked with And Delight Reigned on a collaboration earlier this year, and she found these for me. So cool… and way less expensive than buying new. Search here on Etsy, and there are lots of options.

Here’s my stage look from night one:

{My view from stage….WHAT IS LIFE?!}

And night 1 ended with Little Big Town inviting me to sing “Heartache Tonight” with them. At which point I started googling the lyrics…I mean at which point I started freaking out…I mean obviously I did both.

Here are some resort inspired goodies that I’m currently pining over:

So not only do all the artists play the “big stage” during Crash My Playa, but most artists also play one of the pool parties. Mine was especially fun because the crew down at the Hard Rock Hotel was ROWDY…so I got down off the stage and climbed into the pool area.

If Josh in this pink sombrero doesn’t make you happy, nothing ever will.

Here are the details for my pool party look if you wanna try it. The shorts were clearance from last year, and a bright top always photographs really well in natural light.

All photos are from @crashmyplaya by @aLIVECoverage.

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