Change is…good?

Change is good? Change. Is. Good.


On Tuesday I had a coffee—and—chicken & biscuits fueled breakfast with two really incredible artist/sisters Leah Crutchfield and Brandon Jane (formerly Coldwater Jane). They now they have a band called “Mena,” which recently released a really great song called ”Save Myself.” And I’m not the only person who thinks so… I see you, Meghan Trainor.


Check it HERE.

Anyway, one of the main topics of our breakfast conversation was change, having the courage to change, to do new things, or do things in a new way. Leah mentioned a verse from Isaiah, where God says, “See, I am doing a new thing.” And it really resonated with me.

When you think about  your relationship patterns, or your business, of even your creativity….are you in a rut because you’re in a rut? If we’re committed to doing things only one way, maybe that’s why we keep getting the same result. Over and over (and over.)

Apparently, this quote has been mis-attributed to Einstein, but nobody knows who to actually credit, so I’m sticking with Albert.

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Back to Tuesday— later that day I was having coffee with a young woman named Blythe Thomas. [I’m trying to convince her to produce a video series with me…you can go fangirl/boy over her work here…] but anyway in 2014, Blythe’s work attracted international attention when a mashup video she shot, directed, and edited with artist Louisa Wendorff  went VIRAL. (It currently has over 29 MIIIIIIILLION—I’M totally doing Dr. Evil in my head as I write this—views on youtube.) T-swift tweeted about it, fans went CRAZY (b/c it’s that good) and then they apparently featured the video before every show during Taylor’s 1989 world tour. Here it is:

So Blythe and I were just sipping our iced mochas at the nauseatingly hip coffee shop Barista Parlour (it’s like you have to love it and hate it simultaneously.) And she said told me this quote she’d recently heard:

“Healthy things grow.”

Super simple. But it really hit me. HEALTHY THINGS GROW. In other words….unhealthy things don’t. So if what you’re doing isn’t growing and changing than maybe, by definition, it’s unhealthy. Growth is an unavoidable side affect to health. To being alive.


It reinforced something I’ve been brewing on for the last couple months. The feeling that IT’S TIME TO HIT THE RESET BUTTON. And this goes way beyond the annual pull towards New Year’s resolutions and “new year, new you”  platitudes. Power this thing down and start it up again.  That does NOT mean “quit.” It means start anew. Shake it up; stop doing things the same old way. At least I’m going try to…who’s with me?





2 Comments on Change is…good?

  1. Jen Skipper
    February 5, 2016 at 12:56 pm (2 years ago)

    Love this and just what I needed to hear!!!!

  2. Debi Morse
    February 5, 2016 at 7:22 pm (2 years ago)

    Wow Kelleigh! Your insight, thought provoking, and inspirational topics are incredible. I look forward to each one. I am finding them very helpful and just what I need. God bless you and your loved ones.


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