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If you’re like me…you may have over indulged just a teensy bit over the holidays. And now you’re feeling like:


And by holidays, I mean last Saturday night. But January is almost over, so it’s time to get back on track. I usually kind of ease back into my workout/meal plan routine over the month Jan and by week 3 I’m back to my normal schedule.  For me and my trainer Joe Johnson at Marathon Fitness that means running 3-4 miles 3 times a week, and weight training at the gym 2-3 days a week. If you missed my pre-CMA fest regimen you can read it here.

If you’re just beginning to workout, don’t be intimidated by milage or speed, just shoot for running 1 mile at whatever pace you can manage 2-3 times a week. That truly is a manageable way to start that will make a difference.

And here are a couple exercises Joe and I picked out to kick-start your ABs this January.

1) SINGLE LEG CROSSOVER SIT-UP: Start on your back with one leg bent. Sit up and twist toward the leg that is bent.  This is one rep. (Count your sides separately.)



Repeat with the opposite leg bent, doing the sit-up towards the bent leg.



10 reps on either side for beginners. 20-30 reps on each side for advanced.

2) SEATED BICYCLE: Start in a crunch position with your legs bent at the knee so your feet  are off the floor. Twist towards your left knee so that your elbow comes as close as possible to your knee while you extend your right leg (like you’re peddling). Then twist towards the right leg with the left leg extended.This is one rep. This motion should move relatively quickly like you’re actually peddling. Beginners do 25 reps. Advanced do 50 reps.

SAM_4770 SAM_4773

SAM_4771 SAM_4777

Are you back on the wagon? Have any favorite ab exercises? Let me know in the comments…XO

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